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Kristine Collins
In Loving Memory, now in spirit, always loved.

A message from beyond
Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep
I am in a thousand winds that blow
I am the softly falling snow
I am the gentle showers or rain
I am the fields of ripening grain
I am in the morning hush
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight
I am the star shine of the night
I am the flowers that bloom
I am in a quiet room
I am in the birds that sing
I am in each lovely thing
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there. I did not die

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Paranormal Group based in NJ:
GARDEN STATE GHOST HUNTERS We invite you to explore the web site and enjoy all the information that is available on our Paranormal Website. GSGH was formed in January of 2004. Boni Bates, Founder/President, of Garden State Ghost hunters, formed this professional group with enlisting members from all walks of life. From police, to teachers, radio announcers, and more, the team continues researching the paranormal,with recordings, video , audio,and pictures. Boni has over 20 years of experience with investigating and experiencing the paranormal. It is the teams belief that we need to help those who are in need, and also educate the public to understanding the world of the paranormal. We keep a lot of our clients private, and for those who wish to share their experiences with Garden State Ghost Hunters site, we put them here for you to read and learn. If you ever need the help of a professional team of investigators, we are here for you, free of charge. You can email the Founder Boni Bates, at She will personally respond to your emails.

Garden State Ghost Hunters takes News reporter Dan Mannerino from WPIX 11 on a real Ghost Hunt!
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GSGH would like to invite you to come out and investigate the White Hills Mansion

White Hills has a history starting back during the Revolutionary War. Three generations of the Fields Family resided there along with Richard Stockton and his family. Ultimately after the restaurant that was run there was shutdown in 1982, it was acquired by the borough. GSGH first investigated the Mansion back in 2009 and found it to be alive with Paranormal Activity. You can go HERE to see our findings from that first investigation. We are now accepting investigation requests for individuals or any Paranormal Groups. 10 or more are required for reservations. You are encouraged to contact our founder Bonnie for more info at

Garden State Ghost Hunters Featured on Fact or Faked Show
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Fact or Faked Show Fact or Faked Show
Fact or Faked Show

The Garden State Ghost Hunters have been featured in many media outlets including TV, digital media, print and radio. GSGH has been featured on the TRAVEL CHANNELS "Mysterious Journeys" show, at Eastern State Penn. in Philadelphia PA. GSGH group is always open to discuss our team and findings with the media. Just Contact Us .

Garden State Ghost Hunters is very active in the community as well, we hold many fund raisers to help out local historical groups with several types of fund raisers. If you are interested in a fund raiser for your group please Contact Us .

When browsing our site please keep an open mind. We invite your opinions pertaining to our evidence, please "contact us" with any questions you may have about the web site or if you wish for GSGH to conduct an investigation at your business or residence. There is NO CHARGE for our services, all investigations are funded by our members and through donations. We believe in providing proof of life here after. The evidence found on our site was gathered using the latest in paranormal standards for such investigations.

The investigative team is devoted to our clients and will never share your names or information. GSGH holds high standards on the investigations and is respectful to persons and property. GSGH has trained investigators that have vast field experience with many skill's. Boni Bates is a certified paranormal investigator. Boni was trained and certified thru MICHIGAN GHOST WATCHERS, as well as has many years of experience in ghost investigations. GSGH team members were all in house trained, which means that GSGH has a strict training policy and our Trainees can spend over a year in training alone.

Many of our investigations have been conducted for residential structures and many historical societies have contacted us for our help. We specialize in historical research. Many of the historical societies have asked the team back several times for our help. We will visit your residence as many times as you wish. For the "GHOSTS " are not always cooperative.

We respect your views on ghost and spirits and our site is for informational purposes only. If you like what you see on our site please let us know by "contacting us". Also we will start issuing a bi-monthly ghost letter so please sign up. The ghost letter will contain information on our latest investigations as well as updates on upcoming ones. There will be tip's on ghost hunting as well as small articles from our team so please be sure to sign up for the ghost letter. If you have photo's that you would like to submit to the site to be added to the ghost letter please send them to us, with information about the photo as well as who took the photo and we will be happy to add that to the ghost letter. If you feel inspired we will accept true ghost stories from around the country to be submitted as well. Please contact us if you desire to have your photo's or stories in the GSGH's GHOST LETTER. You may also sign up for our Yahoo group, by visiting .

Enjoy the site and HAPPY GHOST HUNTING from all of us here at GSGH. For more information about this site or inquires about web development please contact our webmaster at

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